Is your partner the right person for you?

Is your partner the right person for you?

Everybody wants to settle down at some point. We want to marry and have children. But it is very important to choose the right person before marrying. Many of us have boyfriends or girlfriends who love us and care for us. But, how do we get to know that our partners can be our right partners or not?

Characters to look for in boyfriends:

  • Responsible and stable: Whenever you start with a new life, you need money. Money is needed for buying house, marriage expenses, living expenses and many more things. If you are thinking of marrying your boyfriend, he should have his saving plans and should be financially stable. He should also know how to spend money wisely and should avoid frivolous spending.

  • Selfless, and not selfish: Marriage is a lot about compromises. Your boyfriend must have chosen you over all other things at some point. If a guy only thinks about himself and you are not his priority, then he is not the one with whom you can spend your life.

  • How he treats his mother: You should always observe how your boyfriend treats your mother, because he would be treating you in the same manner in future. If he cares for his mother and looks after her, then he is surely a marriage material.

  • Is his home tidy: Your boyfriend should keep his home tidy. If there are clothes and dirty dishes piled up at your boyfriend’s home, he is not a responsible person and you must keep that in mind.

  • Trust: Trust is an important factor in every relation. If you trust your boyfriend for what he says, then you can think of marrying him. Establishing mutual trust is very important before deciding for marriage.

Characters to look for in girlfriends:

  • Fickle-minded: If the girl you are proposing marriage is having trouble committing to a job, friends or a hair style, then it should give you a rough idea that she is not the committing type. Such girls are the one who keeps on making new friends and dump the old ones. So, be careful!

  • Being jealous: If your girlfriend is jealous of every girl who comes around you, then even putting a ring over her finger will not make her secure about your relation. Her behavior is sooner or later going to change into possessiveness. A good home maker is neither possessive nor irrational until the man gives her a good reason to be suspicious about.

  • Space & Trust: Giving space and trusting each other is among the other things which a girl need to put together if she really likes a guy. If your lady companion really loves you she will give you enough space to figure out the things you are up to in your life rather than pin pointing at your decisions. If you ever find such kind of a woman, never let her go.

  • The final thing that a guy should keep in mind before proposing to a woman is that whether she has a habit of making changes to your personality? If she does keep on making comments to your appearance, friends, etc. then it is an indirect way of telling that you are not good enough for her.

These signs will help you in evaluating if your boyfriend or girlfriend can be the perfect partner for you. It is not mandatory that they will fulfill all these criteria, but if they fulfill even some of these and there is mutual trust between both of you, wedding bells can definitely ring!

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