How do we decide that we are ready for a child?

How do we decide that we are ready for a child?

After the marriage, people start asking questions about a child. With their smiling faces, they ask “when is the good news coming”. And most of the couples are confused about their answers. They don’t know what to answer because they don’t know the answer themselves. They keep thinking that what would be the right time to have a baby. There is no hard and fast rule to determine the right time, but you can consider the following points in deciding the right time:

Financially Stable

Marriage, in its own, is a responsibility. It is basically running a house and is very different from living alone. In addition to it, when you are thinking of having a child, you should ensure that you are financially stable at that time. Having a child adds on a lot of responsibilities; and you need to be financially stable for taking good care of the child.

Mature enough

Being financially competent is not enough. You need to be mature enough to take care of your child. In addition to it, you must be capable of giving good values, manners etc to your child.

Able to give time

It is very important to see that one of the partners is able to give time to the child. If both are working and are unable to provide quality time to the child, then it is not a good option to have a child. You have to avoid your work, at least for some time, if you plan to have a baby.

The above mentioned factors may help in deciding the time of having a baby. It is just when your inner voice says or react positive towards having a baby. You just need to think about a situation when you got to know that you are pregnant. If that situation makes you feel happy, then you are ready.

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