How to handle a situation if my husband always favor his mother?

How to handle a situation if my husband always favor his mother?

Marriage is not just about two people committing and living together. But, it includes the families also; specially the groom’s family. Out of all the relations, the relation between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is the most bittersweet. There must have been situations when your husband favors his mother; and you would have felt bad. There is no need to worry in such situations. Following would help you in dealing with such situations:

Think your husband’s point of view

Whenever there is an argument or discussion, and your husband takes your mother-in-law’s side, try to understand the reason behind it. There is no need to be hurt or angry; rather try to understand him.

Understand your mother-in-law

You often feel insecure from your mother-in-law. But have you ever thought how does she feel? You should understand that she must be having a fear of losing her son. In that fear, she sometimes tends to do such things which could hurt you. It is better to understand your mother-in-law and talk to her about it. You should give her the surety that she won’t be left alone. In fact, you should be in good terms with her.

Be patient

You have to calm yourself whenever such situation arises. Losing your temper and having a fight is not the right thing to do. Instead, apply your mind and give logical objections to convince your husband.

Treat her as your own mother

Think about a situation when your husband doesn’t like when you take side of your mother. How would you feel? I know you will feel bad. Your husband feels the same way. Mothers are not really the one to be jealous and insecure off. There is no need to feel bad if your husband takes his mother’s side. You should really respect her and treat her the way you would treat your mother.

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