Respect for each other in a relationship!

Respect for each other in a relationship!

What do you think is the most important thing in a relationship? Which factor, according to you, keeps the relationship long lasting? You may think that only love is required to maintain a relationship, but it is not the case. Besides love, you need respect in a relationship. Every human wants to be respected and cared for.

Respect is nothing but giving value to the person for the way they are. If you can’t respect a person, you can’t live with that person; even if you love that person. You respect a person when you understand them, their ideas and their thinking. However, it is not necessary that it resembles your ideas and thinking.

The importance of respect can be understood by the following reasons:

  1. Your partner would desire the same kindness and politeness they give and provide to you. This kindness and politeness can only be given if you have respect for each other.

  2. Respect also helps in having good communication between the partners. When there is respect, partners understand and listen to each other. Even if their views do not match, they try to understand the other person’s perception. Fights can also be solved in a peaceful manner.

  3. Partners having respect for each other are more mature and do not act emotionally all the time. Emotions often make our decision wrong. For example, we always say that you should never promise something when  you are happy and you should never say something when you are angry. It is because at that time, our acts are ruled by our emotions. So, in a relation, it is really important to have control over the emotions.

  4. In most of the relationships, partners have problem with each other for being the way they are. This is due to lack of respect. It is to be understood that nobody is perfect and no two people can be exactly same. In a relationship, you need to do some compromises and understand your partner’s view. It can only be done when you have respect for each other.

Respect is admiring the person for who they are; and not willing or trying to change the person. Therefore, we can say, it is very important to have respect between the partners.

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