Keeping your Long distance relationships alive

Keeping your Long distance relationships alive

Most people today are afraid of the long distance relationships. They consider breaking up with their partners instead of managing a long distance relation. You should understand that distance should not matter in any relation, but feelings should matter. There are many ways by which you can keep your long distance relation alive; some of which could be:

  1. Even if you cannot meet, you can always talk on phone. Nowadays, there are other ways of talking like skype, google chat, yahoo messenger, facebook and so on. These applications help in overcoming the distance barrier.

  2. You should be honest to your partner. It is not necessary to tell all the minor details, but tell as much as you can. The trust should not be shaken due to the distance.

  3. Even if you are distant from each other, it doesn’t mean that you can’t meet. It is true, you can’t meet daily or quite often, but you should try to meet whenever you can.

  4. The other thing to do when you are distance is to know your partner’s friends. Everybody needs friends and shares everything with them. You should ask and know about your partner’s friends. But it should be to a limit, don’t get possessive!

  5. There is no need to fight on every minor thing. But you should tell if you are hurt. It is good to control your anger, but it doesn’t mean that you don’t express what you feel. If you don’t express about your feelings or when you are hurt, it can be dangerous for your relationship.

  6. You can take breaks if you think so. There is no need to fret about breaks. It is always good to have mental space. It helps you understand things better.

  7. Emotions and intimacy are very important in every relation. Whenever you meet, you should be intimate with your partner. Talking emotionally also keeps your relation alive. So, whenever you meet, you should make it very special. The feeling and treatment your partner gets will make them forget about the distance.

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