Inter caste marriage – how to persuade parents?

Inter caste marriage - how to persuade parents?

Indian society is a mixture of different castes and religions. Though everybody respects other castes; but when it comes to marriage, parents are comfortable in getting their son or daughter married within their caste. However, the new generation thinks beyond the barriers of caste and religion. Thus, it gets very difficult for them to convince their parents for inter caste marriage. If you are one of those people who have already chosen ‘the perfect match’, but the only problem is of different caste, here are some tips:

Go with full preparation

You should always first prepare yourself before talking and discussing with your parents. Think of all the issues with the possible solutions your parents would be having regarding the inter caste marriage. If your parents react emotionally, never react to that. Instead, give them valid possible answers in reaction.

Understanding with examples

Evidence always works in these types of situations. You can think about all the inter caste marriages within your friends and relatives which turned out to be successful. You can also bring names of those people who had same caste marriage but are unhappy. With examples, they can understand that caste would not really decide whether a marriage would be successful or not.


If you have somebody who can help you as well as convince your parents, then it would be perfect. Parents often trust and discuss their problems with some particular people. You should go and ask for help from those people.

Talk when decided

You should come to your parents when you have made your decision of marrying a person from a different caste. If you have any doubt regarding the person, you should first clear it out. It is only when your decision is full and final; you should start convincing your parents.

To conclude, it is really important to make your parents understand that it is not caste that creates a happy married life. Two people can stay happy with each other if they have mutual understanding and trust, irrespective of the caste.

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