Balancing home and work after marriage

Balancing home and work after marriage

Time moves very fast and every move brings a new change. Now, those days are gone when a woman was only confined to the four walls of the home and her only job was to perform the daily chores of the family. In the modern times, she is not only managing the home successfully but also working outside to give financial support to the family. The women of current times are educated and never let their education go waste. They take the optimum use of their qualification by continuing to work even after their marriage. At times, it becomes little Helter – skelter to make an ample balance between the home and the work.

Here are some notes to ease the management of home and work:

  • You must try to make a demarcation between home and work. That means, one must never indulge in office work after reaching home. Try to separate work from your home and spend a good amount of time with the family.

  • Make a list of necessary household things to be done in a week so that you don’t forget them while you are engrossed in your work

  • If you are a workaholic, you can work for complete five days of the week but then Plan the weekends for the family fun only.

  • You must remember that you are married now. So, its your foremost priority to devote your quality time to your life partner.

  • A refreshing break is always required. Do not forget to find some time to pamper yourself.

  • Women who have a lot of work to do at home may opt for part time jobs as compared to the full time jobs where there is more work load.

  • You should remember that work is meant for you and you are not meant to work. So, work according to your physical capacity.

Hence, by keeping these things in mind, a healthy balance between home and work can be established.

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