Are you getting anxious before marriage?

Are you getting anxious before marriage?

Marriage is not only about getting your soul mate or getting engaged in nuptial celebrations, but it is also about making a change. Yes, marriage does make a significant change in your lifestyle: Your habits, your place and your relations at the same time. Though this change comes in both the lives of the bride and the groom but as we know that only the bride has to leave her parental home and she has to begin a new world in her husband’s home. In this situation, the bride sometimes suffers from pre-marriage anxiety. She has fears of the things and the persons which are yet not known to her. All these things together jeopardize her.

So, by following the given tips, the pre-marriage anxiety can be alleviated to a great extent:

  • Try to be realistic in your approach and accept the challenges positively as they come to you. So, Try to be optimistic.

  • Nobody is perfect , not even yourself. So do not expect too much from your partner and going-to-be relatives.

  • Life is not a fantasy. So, do not fantasize too much about the marriage also as things may not turn out the same way that you dreamt of.

  • Sometimes thinking about the wedding day and its arrangements arise the anxiety level . So, try to plan them before hand.

  • Do not listen to anybody else’s experiences of marriage rather wait and begin your own lovely experience.

  • Do not think that marriage will make you away from your old relations rather its about making the new and retaining the old ones.

You must remember that yours eagerly awaited person is just going to enter in your life. So, forget about all the fears and welcome him/her whole-heartily.

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