How to avoid conflicts with your mother-in-law?

How to avoid conflicts with your mother-in-law?

Marriage is a beautiful relationship, but as the saying goes, no road is bump – free, so is the road of marriage. A newly wed girl may face issues with her mother-in-law, which often acts as a reason of conflicts. You may face a plethora of awkward moments with your mother-in-law. At times she might appear to be a little bossy or snoopy. But when you try to circumvent the fights with your mother-in-law, you would also provide basis for forging a friendship. Here are some of the guidelines that would help ease the situation:

1. Make her feel important

Often, the mothers feel left out once her son gets married. It thus becomes significant to make her feel the importance she holds in your life as well as in her son’s life. You can do so by preparing a dinner for her, going out on lunch with her, calling her to say a hello, seeking her advice over trivial matters and acknowledging the important dates. She is indeed important!

2. Resist fights

It is said that you require two hands to clap. If you do not want to initiate a fight, try resisting the onset of fights. During fights, the two of you will exchange a lot of anger and hurtful things, which are going to make the relationship worse. It is better to act with intelligence and resist fighting with her over small issues and matters. No fights!

3. Define the boundaries

Every relationship should be defined with certain boundaries, so should be your relationship with your mother-in-law. Give her hints, about the boundaries, created by you. If you are not able to maintain peace with her, when she steps out of the boundary, stand for yourself. Adopt a no tolerance approach!

4. Talk to your spouse

If you are not in a position to handle the issue yourself, talk clearly with your spouse about the things which bother you. It is significant to discuss and solve the issue at the start; otherwise it can strain your marriage terribly. Speak up!

Hope the above tips will aid in maintaining peace and develop a long lasting friendship with your mother-in-law.

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