Why is simple holding of hands so significant in a marriage?

Why is simple holding of hands so significant in a marriage?

Do you remember the moment when you held each other’s hand for the first time? A chill must have run up the spine, isn’t it? As a young couple, holding each other’s hand was so enthralling. What happens to the playful act of holding hands as the relationship matures? Do you also feel that you hardly hold your partner’s hand in private or public? But there is hardly any reason for those moments fizzling out of the marriage.

Many couples complain that once their love got caught up in the fundamentals of life, the very essence of romance got evaporated silently without a provocation. The responsibilities of the house, kids and marriage can never take a back seat, what holds importance is the tiny tricks which can keep the spirit of marriage and romance alive. These small caresses in the form of holding hands, rubbing the back or neck, putting hands on the shoulder of the spouse or even sitting close to each other can provide a personal touch to the marriage and strengthen the bond.

What remains a vital question here is whether it is of utmost importance to display the above mentioned signs of affection for a happy marriage? The answer is yes! These are of great significance. The simplistic act of holding your partner’s hand can convey that you still have time for your spouse despite of the myriad hustles. The act of holding hands also reminds the couple of the ‘love period’ when there were no kids, bills, house or any other thing to take care of. It certainly aids in rediscovering the love dimension present in the marriage. In a stressful scenario, a simple holding of hands can convey to the partner that you still believe in his or her capabilities and the difficult time will not last for long.

If you feel a little awkward in holding your partner’s hand in public, shower the act in private. It is indeed of great value to steal certain moments to make your partner feel his or her importance in your life. Check out whether you still send the chills up the spine of your partner!

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