Bride And Groom Preparation For The Wedding

Bride And Groom Preparation For The Wedding


Every bride wants to look the most beautiful on her special day. She will be surrounded by her family and friends and be a cynosure of all eyes. Yes, she knows that she has to follow rigorous beauty routine and follow the right diet and exercise so that she looks perfect for the man in her life. But there is a lot more to the wedding day than just looking beautiful in that special sari or a wedding dress.

Apart from visiting beauty parlors and shopping for wedding clothes and jewelry, the bride has several other affairs to take care of. The best way to follow is to take down a small notebook or diary and start scribbling down a to-do check list. Do this when you are free and can think more clearly. It is better to start earlier when the wedding is a good many days away.

First of all, think about any bills or debts that need to be paid off. Maybe it is your close friend or any monetary debts. It is best to take care of these little things as soon as possible. You never know how busy you are going to get after marriage and are sure to have no time or thoughts about these. Clean out your cupboard and donate all your old clothes that you are sure you are not going to need after the wedding. Every bride likes to take some her favorite old clothes, shoes and bags after the marriage with her to her new place.

As for the bride’s wedding preparation, she has to take care of her body and health, including her hair. It is best to take guidance from a diet & nutrition expert as well as a fitness expert. Start the preparations at least months before to get some real results. Many brides go for skin and body treatments to get an overall healthy glow. They take special care of their hair so that they look lustrous on the special day.


It is not only the bride that is aspiring to look perfect on the wedding, the bridegroom is also anxious about his looks. Now-a-days, it is not only the ladies who visit the beauty parlors, men also visit these beauty salons. Bridegroom’s have special packages to take care of their hairs, skin and nails etc. Groom is advised to go for a hair cut a week in advance of the wedding. It is best to stick to your normal hair style and avoid experimenting with any new looks.

A manicure and pedicure is a must for all the bridegrooms. After all, the photographer is going to take many close photos of the rings and you would want those nails to look great. It is also a good idea to get a complete body massage done. This is the best way to let out any tension building before the wedding. You can take your friends along for a more enjoyable session.

Do not forget to make a trip to the dentist. Get your teeth cleaned, flossed and scaled. You will love to smile on the special day showing a sparkling row of teeth. Eat healthy and follow a good diet and exercise routine to look and feel healthy. Your efforts will show in your skin and looks. Avoid fast food to get that perfect physique and drink lots of water. Keep a healthy routine and enjoy your special day.

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