Love and arranged marriage

Love and arranged marriage

There are some set rules for arranged marriages in India. Your parents look for the prospective boy or girl for you; meet each other once or twice, and then end up tying the sacred knot. As the rules go, you have to find love in the marriage and live happily ever after. A recent study found that about half of the Indian-Americans living in the U.S had arranged marriages. They were either fixed by professional matchmakers or relatives. Were they able to find love?

A study was made to compare the outcomes for love as well as arranged marriage. When the participants of the research completed the questionnaires on their relationships and about love, there was something remarkable that was found. Whether it was love or arranged, couples reported high rates of commitment, satisfaction and of course love. Although the study was small and based on arranged marriages in US, readers were cautioned as to not to expect the same results from arranged marriages in traditional societies. The researchers were not sure as to why they did not find any differences whatsoever.

Today, an increasing number of people are making their choice of marriage based on love and attraction. Partners now have a choice of saying no. your parents might choose a mate for you, but if you don’t feel any bonding with him, you have a right to refuse. Perhaps the arranged marriages in the study were sort of hybrids between arranged and free-choice matches. Never the less, a lot of relationship science and social psychology works behind arranged marriages.

In India, it is still difficult to date someone whom your parents don’t approve of. We think we are making individual choices but do want the society and including our parents to give the final nod. Parents, siblings, friends exert an enormous influence on the choice of relationship. You might date someone whom your parents dislike for a while, but it exerts too much pressure on the relationship.

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