The Right Age difference for a Marriage

The Right Age difference for a Marriage

Arranged marriages are still common in India and it is strongly felt that love develops after marriage. There are many alternative practices in the society that are not surfacing and the age difference between couples is one of them. Society is undergoing a change and the age difference is no more seems to be an issue.

The difference between ages of couples has gradually ceased to be an issue and there could be a number of reasons behind. Indian society is gradually tuning more experimental, adventurous and courageous. The norms for age barriers are slowly but surely fading away in the foundation of marriage. It is no longer felt that the bride should be younger than the groom. Earlier the age gap used to be 5-7 years, but today it is ok if the age difference is more than ten years. However, there could still be discussion on the perfect age difference in couples.

Most of the times, the wide age gap between the two partners may not pose any problems but it is seen that in some cases, there are some problems that do crop up in the long run. It would help if the couples are aware of these problems before hand and thus are more prepared to handle them. The older man or woman may feel insecure with time. More the age difference, higher the risk. Generation gap may raise its head often and spoil the relation. Differences may arise in even petty things in daily lifestyle.

Going by biology and evolution, it is seen that men mature later than women and perhaps this was the major reason behind selecting an older guy for the bride. However, there are no fixed rules. As long as the couples are aware of the factors that can make any marriage work is love and understanding between them.

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