Is International Marriage Easy?

Is International Marriage Easy?

Thanks to the permeation of web and a globalized world, it is common for people to meet people from different cultural backgrounds. Therefore, it should raise no eyebrows to find Indian men and women dating people from other countries with a different nationality and cultural backgrounds. International marriages are not something rare but are not always as easy as it seems. What makes them happen is the ubiquitous essential ingredient for any marriage and that is love, but the couple may need to work harder to dissolve cultural differences that can sneak in and lead to some major problems. There is no denying that there are several examples of such marriages being successful.

Some of the major threats to an international marriage are religious and political differences along with language barriers. It is just not the cultural expectations that the couple faces, but also the support of their own families. There are so many factors that can influence an international marriage. Often, both partners in such a marriage share equal responsibilities. But in many counties, such as India, although the scenario is changing, the society still adheres to a more conventional concept when it comes to gender roles. The woman is still expected to do a major part of the household tasks even if she is working.

Western women marrying Indian men find themselves in a multi-faceted society and may take a long time to adjust to the new traditions and expectations from her. Her husband might be liberal minded and would not mind making breakfast every day, but if her in-laws are staying with them, things could get a lot different. Some might be lucky to find just the perfect husband and the right in laws, but not every bride is lucky.

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