Right Age For Marriage In India

Right Age For Marriage In India

What is the right age for marriage in India?  Needless to say, here too, the gender intervenes and puts its foot strongly, making different rules for the boy and the girl. Although times and priorities are changing, most parents get worried if their son reaches 30 and the daughter crosses 28. Survey has found that majority of the Indian youth feels that one should not be too late and early thirties is the right time to get married and start a family.

The new generation is certainly more career-oriented and seems reluctant to shoulder the responsibilities of marriage before their career is set. And it is by the age of 30 years that the boy or the girl feels finally settled in their career and feels he or she is ready for marriage.

In the recent times, there is a growing trend among the Indians to get married awhile in their early thirties. The marriage is no longer the ultimate goal for the career-oriented and surprisingly, only 53 per cent of respondents in India felt marriage to be a life goal, which is the lowest number in the Asia Pacific region. For the majority of people across the world, marriage is a major goal in life and should be given due importance.

Legally, the right age for marriage in India is 21 years for boys and 18 years for the girls. However, the current lifestyle and scenario points to more of the disadvantages of getting married at this age. Both the boy and the girl would be a little immature to maintain a successful path for marriage. We are still evolving in our twenties, trying to get hold of life and its other meanings. Marriage is no child play. As a parent, let your children explore life and enjoy it at every stage, rather than constrain him or her with an early marriage. As parents, we need to understand the changing times. As youngsters, we need to give marriage its due importance and sanctity.

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