Is Online Matrimonial a Western Culture?

Is Online Matrimonial a Western Culture?

One of the major differences between western culture and our Indian culture is that in India, any relationship, offline or online, is expected to culminate in marriage. Although online dating is established in India and the business models are almost similar behind those online dating sites, the purpose is not. While western dating sites are more oriented towards getting the right date, Indian dating sites are oriented towards finding the right marriage partner. Often at Indian sites, profiles of people casual about dating and marriage are removed.

Online dating sites are a blessing, as people just have no time to mingle. Due to their hectic life and chasing the goals in their career, people hit their thirties soon,  are single and unattached.  The virtual world offers them the convenience and flexibility to expand their circle and meet interesting people from all corners of the world. Indian men and women are getting used to the idea of online dating and making it part of their daily life to find a healthy relationship and eventually marriage. Although those old yardsticks for marriage still remain very much the same for Indian culture, probability of meeting the right person within a short time can be accomplished with Indian Matrimonial sites and the higher rate of success stories is a solid proof.

Indian marriage process is very noble and online matrimonial services facilitates this noble process. There may be some occasional case of online dating turning into a serious relationship, but when considering marriage, most Indian parents and prospective grooms and brides look at the matrimonial sites. Normally the process could take from three to six months to find a suitable partner. Apart from the financial status, Indian culture emphasizes on religion and community as well. Most people are very clear as to what they are looking for precisely within their community.

The expectations and attitudes are same for online matrimonial as in real life. Both men and women follow the same approach. However, bride and groom have stronger involvement and frequent activities with the online approach compared to the offline approach.

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