Modern Indian Woman And Arranged Marriage

Modern Indian Woman And Arranged Marriage

The threshold for any Indian woman to get married lies at 30 years, and once she has crossed that, the mystical ball of eternal happiness that lies only in marriage seems to elude farther from her. It is at this time that her parents start getting frantic and will do everything possible in their best to get her married off. And they have only one savior by their side and that is an online portal of arranged marriage. After all, all these years, they have been hoping of some handsome and capable boy of falling in love with their daughter. Now, they are busy all night spending more time in the virtual world on arranged-marriages websites.

The results start coming faster than they can imagine. Soon their inbox is flooded with emails from boys’ relatives or from boys themselves.  It seems bizarre but it is real. The best part is that one’s date, time, and location of birth are as important in that virtual world as in the real one. Those numbers play an important role in determining how harmonious a match would be astrologically.

Parents, with a long and healthy arranged marriage, hope the same for their daughters. They somehow fear that the matters have been made worse by those expectations of too much among the younger generations. For the modern Indian woman, it is becoming unthinkable to gulp down a marriage without love. They are often reprimanded by their parents for being very choosy. But Indian woman seems to get more adamant with age and refuses to marry a boy off the newspaper.

But most Indian women do give in to their parents and their wishes and go on with the introductions. Perhaps it is just looked upon as meeting to be gossiped later with her friends. Nevertheless, for Indians, marriage remains an important focus of their life. They just cannot escape without thinking about marriage and those dizzying array of matrimonial websites point to the growing demand. To an Indian, marriage remains a matter of karmic destiny and for the modern Indian woman; well, she is on her own adventure, refusing to get bogged down by the astrological numbers.

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