Inter-caste Marriages in India

Inter-caste Marriages in India

Inter-caste marriages in India has always been a hot debatable topic, that simply refuses to back down, even after so many years and permeation of our so called modern values. There are so many different ideologies and emotional aspects regarding the sacred tie between two people from different castes. A rigid caste system has always been an integral part of the Indian society since times immemorial.

Although its roots are beginning to get shaken up in the modern cities, the unfair and prejudiced tradition remains in full bloom in few of the orthodox villages and small towns. Some people look at the inter-caste marriages with skepticism and do not foresee a survival of such marriages due to cultural differences. Besides, such a marriage is looked upon as a disgrace on the family if the boy or girl marries someone from a different caste.

There is another stream of thought that prevails among the younger and new generations that welcomes such inter caste marriages and are totally in favor of love marriages. According to them it is mindless to divide the social equality and encourage discrimination on the basis of caste and religion. They have to fight against the cynicism of their elders and face opposition from them.

The trend of inter caste marriages in India is thankfully on the rise. People are gradually waking up to the idea of marrying outside their caste and get encouraged on seeing successful marriages among inter castes. They are noticing and respecting the love and the sincerity of the partners have for each. After all, you just can’t stop two people from loving each other. So why not be happy for them and celebrate with them.  An inter caste marriage need not be the end of the world or cast a spell of sadness and depression around. It is time we all put an end to our inhuman approach towards marriage which is a sacred institution.

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