In-laws, The New Best Friends

In-laws, The New Best Friends

Wouldn’t be easier, after marriage in-laws become immediate friends. You would wish, there was coaching on how to handle new relationships and responsibilities. The two families coming together for the first time would have two different lifestyles,  with different expectations and different culture and/or habits. So the new relationship shall have some ups and downs.

You may be inclined to notice the issues with in-laws immediately and not able to ignore even the small issues. In fact you may not notice the issues with your other close relations, because you have been witnessing them since your childhood and probably got used to it. As for as in-laws, it is a sudden exposure of both families to each other. So it would take time to understand each other better and set the expectations right. So how do we reduce the commotion and make the transition smoother. The solution is part of everyone involved.

As parents and parents-in-law, they shall embrace their son/daughter falling in love with their daughter-in-law/son-in-law and let them live a happy married life. Even though the parents-in-law cannot take place of their son-in-law’s/daughter-in-law’s parents, they could be the best parents-in-law. Parents and parents-in-law shall do everything in their power to help the newly married couple succeed in their love life. They have the experience, shall know to be patient and shall take things slow.

As a newly married couple, once you get married, you are promoted to have more responsibilities from both the families. Now you have parents and parents-in-law. Please have patience with parents and parents-in-law, as they are also exposed to a new family, new lifestyle and culture. Whenever you have a chance to get-together enjoy the company, be open-minded, have a laugh and help everyone to get to know everyone else.

In your get-together, please be liberal in giving out compliments and if something does not meet your expectations, please be patient. These are some simple and small ways but can ago long way in building some long lasting relationships of love and warmth within the house. Please have in mind that it would take time to develop the understanding between new family members. Take things slowly and do not rush into conclusions. There will be ups and downs just like any other relationship. Embrace the ups, take it easy on the downs and be open-minded.

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