Dating After Engagement

Dating After Engagement

You are finally engaged to the person you want and still have some time before you can tie the knot. Now you will meet each other and have some memorable moments that you can fondly look back at when you get married. So, are you expected to behave differently once you are engaged or need to maintain the same formal distance as before?

The courtship period in an arranged marriage generally lasts for a coupled of months before marriage. This is the best time to get to know each other more closely, and for many couples the idea to date their future spouse is exciting.

At the time of engagement, you may know very little about your life partner and this would be the best time to know more. But it is also an imprinting phase and there is a possibility that you might be misread or misunderstood. Therefore be very sure of the vibes and thoughts that you are sending across. After all, you would not want the other person to get wrong signals or misinterpret things about you. You have to be a good listener as well and be patient.

Open up slowly at these dates and let the relationship take its own course. Some are reserved and take time to open up while some may be too excited and would like to rush things. The right path to choose is to balance out everything. Keep in mind that every couple are different. So keep a comfortable pace that fits both of you and enjoy the course.

It is entirely your prerogative if you want to broach the topic of your past relationships, if there had been any. Tell the other person honestly and openly if they want to know. But it is perfectly fine to let bygones be bygones and happy with your partner. The fear of losing trust also compels many people to hide their past. Nevertheless, the bottom line is to use your common sense when dating your future spouse after engagement.

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