Arranged Marriages – The Rules Behind

Arranged Marriages - The Rules Behind

Arranged marriages are still in fashion in most parts of the world, such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and some other parts of the world such as Middle East, and Southeast Asia. The match is selected by a matchmaking agent, parents or a trusted third party. Today, there is another venue where these kinds of marriages get fixed and those are matrimonial sites. The son or daughter is introduced to a potential spouse and after that, it is up to the children to take the relationship forward if they are interested and make a choice.

It may seem strange to the western world, but there are certain factors governing the laws of the arranged marriage. The main factors are caste and culture, religion, and once those hurdles are over, the reputation of the family is scrutinized. Another important factor taken into consideration is the background and wealth of the family. Families belonging to rich backgrounds and holding substantial assets prefer to marry into a similar or wealthier family.

The profession of the groom is given great importance here. Doctors, engineers, lawyers are valued a lot and looked upon with great respect and good catch for their daughter. These men, commanding relatively high income are considered as an excellent spouse material. However, vocation is not given much importance where the bride is concerned. It is not rare to see both people, belonging to same vocation getting married. Some preferred vocations for a bride are teacher, lawyer etc.

Last but not the least, horoscopes play an important role in putting the final seal on an arranged marriage. Most families have a strong belief in numerology and horoscopes. Often, a good match is shelved because the horoscope of the boy and girl didn’t not match or were not in favor of the marriage. Mângalik boy and girl will face more trouble in these waters. But in the end, the successful relationship from an arranged marriage or a love marriage would mainly dependent on the partners and how they understand each other.

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