Are You Planning To Marry a Divorcee?

Are You Planning To Marry a Divorcee?

As it is, marriages are a big affair in India and every step is tread on cautiously. Therefore it is not a surprise to see second marriages ridden with complexities in our country. It is not an easy idea to marry a divorcee, but is it as tough as we think?

According to leading Relationship Coaches, the basic building block of any marriage is trust. And if there is trust in the marriage, whether it is to a divorcee or not, there is no reason why the marriage cannot be successful. Often in marriages where both partners or one of the partners was previously divorced, the couple has to face suspicion and contempt with ongoing blame games. According to a recent research, second marriages often end up in another divorce in the first two years. Often, one of the partners feels that the husband or wife is still involved emotionally with his or her ex and is not very sure of their relationship with each other.

When contemplating a second marriage or marrying a divorcee, it is always best to begin with a clean slate and fresh mind. Carrying any kind of emotional baggage from the past is going to cast a dark shadow on your present and the future of your relationships. Never compare your ex-partners as it can be very damaging to the second marriage. Respect and love the individuality of your current partner if you want the marriage to be successful.

According to psychologists, the psyche of men and women differ from each other. It is advised to spend more time together and understand each other well before tying the knot for the second time. Marrying a divorcee need not mean that you are making any compromises here. You might find a wonderful person as your partner and both of you just have to work towards your husband-wife relations.

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