Helpful Tips to Earn Your Partner’s Respect

Helpful Tips to Earn Your Partner’s Respect

There is no denying the fact that respect serves as one of the fundamental values for mankind. It is an attitude of esteem or admiration for a person, which is usually evoked by his or her achievements. While everyone is deserving of respect and everyone wants to be respected, unfortunately, not everyone gets it.

To receive a respectful attitude from someone, it is important to understand that you treat them with respect. The respect totally changes how we look and feel about others and ourselves.

While it is true that religious and political beliefs form the basis of a number of successful relationships, in the end, you can link it all to respect. Their basis is on the belief in equality of both partners, implying that one has just as much control and responsibility over the relationship as the other. Respect in a relationship means valuing the partner’s views and opinions, listening to them and even understanding their emotions.

Here are some useful tips on how you can earn more respect from your partner.

  1. In order to gain respect, it is essential that you have some self-respect. Seeing you treat yourself badly, without any respect or dignity will make your partner feel that you don’t need respect at all.
  2. Respect is kind of a reciprocal action. You give respect, you get respect in return. Even your partner wants some appreciation and admiration. Show them how much they mean to you and this will automatically put you in their good books. Shower them with complements and try making them feel as comfortable and content as possible. You will see how the respect for you slowly grows.
  3. When you meet your potential partner, be relaxed instead of nervous or anxious. Make your partner have fun and make them feel good around you so that you can earn some respect for being the funny person and the one who can make the frown vanish from their face.
  4. Never lie to your partner as that brings an immediate loss of respect. Showing sincerity at all times will make them feel proud of having a partner like you and you will earn their respect.
  5. Be polite and confident. While talking to your partner, look into their eyes so that they can trust you. Make them feel comfortable enough to talk about just anything in the world and can totally count on you for being there when they need you. Be polite and your partner will reciprocate that in the form of respect.

Respect in a relationship would mean that both partners should follow these:

  1. Admit when they make a mistake
  2. Feel comfortable just being yourself
  3. Willing to make compromises
  4. Respecting the partner’s feelings, opinions and also their friends
  5. Talking honestly in order to resolve conflicts
  6. Accepting the partner’s decision to say no to something they would not like to do

Look at your relationship with a deep understanding to see if there is a feeling of respect between your partner and you. If not, the tips mentioned above can be very useful in strengthening the relationship.

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