Why Having a Photo is a Good Idea for Your Matrimonial Profile?

Why Having a Photo is a Good Idea for Your Matrimonial Profile?

One of the major questions that keep popping up in the matrimonial service world on the internet is about photos. A number of surveys conducted by many websites reveal that including your picture in your profile gives you a ten times higher chance of getting contacted, irrespective of your looks. Despite that, it is unfortunate how people prefer not to include photos in their profiles. Yes, many reasons account for this. Insecurity is the major culprit. People are afraid that their picture will actually kill any chance they have on getting a match. Others are paranoid about being laughed at by colleagues and friends for looking for a partner online. However, if you have made a decision to try your luck on the internet, then you need to reconsider your choice and add a photo to your matrimonial profile for the following reasons.

Not having a photograph will imply that you aren’t serious:
There are a lot of people who sign up for matrimonial websites only so that they can look around and check out profiles just for fun, even if they aren’t serious about it. Obviously, such people wouldn’t take the trouble to find a good picture and upload it. On the other hand, you might actually be serious about finding someone online but you are scared to put up a picture of you. A person visiting your profile may not even think of contacting you because he may think you are not serious about finding match online. He or she will simply consider it as wasting time. Therefore, you can be confident that uploading a picture will get you more response.

People may assume that you are hiding something:
While you may not upload your pictures for some simple innocent reasons as mentioned earlier, there are also some common not so innocent reasons why people do that. Not uploading a picture is bound to make them assume the latter. In fact, most of the online matrimonial site advisors caution readers against profiles that do not have pictures for exactly this reason. Uploading a picture removes that risk and shows that there is nothing for you to hide.

People may assume that you are ugly and hideous:
While you may not think you look good and your insecurity may be the main reason preventing you from uploading a picture, you could be the exact person that someone is on the lookout for. Not even giving them a chance to decide will obviously make them assume the worst. It is best to let the person make the decision.

Your profile may not even come up in many searches:
Considering the reasons explained above, a lot of people prefer to avoid profiles which do not contain pictures. Many matrimonial sites give users the option of specifying this in their searches, which implies that your profile won’t even show up in several searches, despite your other features fitting their search criteria.

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