Indian Matrimonial Relationship – Respect And Honor

Indian Matrimonial Relationship - Respect And Honor

Since time immemorial, honor and respect have been two very important part of our Indian culture. Men have been known to respect and care for the women while women treat their men with respect and look after them. There is no doubt that the Indian culture has had it share of influence from the west, but still some values are deep in our culture and cannot be overlooked.

When you search for a potential partner, keep in mind that respect and honor should be a part of every relationship. Every move you make will be carefully observed by your potential partner. Hence, you should try to create a positive impact on your partner and make sure that they receive the love and respect they deserve from your relationship.

Leave a positive impression:
Listen to your partner, be polite and patient. Try to be on your best behavior and be all ears to what the other person has to say.

Give respect and gain respect:
Please keep in mind that if you like respect and love from your partner, you should not hold it back either. So, share your love and respect for your partner when you are together.

Give each other some space:
Even in a close relationship, every individual needs to have his or her space. Dominating your partner may frighten them about the relationship and they may jump to wrong conclusions. So please provide a comfortable zone for your partner and let them be comfortable around you.

Live in reality:
Don’t have over expectations from your relationship. Believe in giving rather than what you are getting from it.  When you look at it from a real perspective, you would have a satisfactory outcome.

Watch what you say:
There will be situations where one or both partners might be furious about something. During this time, it is the role of both partners to let the storm pass away before doing or saying anything. Once the situation calms down, both of you would be in a much better position to converse. Reacting with sarcastic remarks can only anger the other and you lose your respect too.

Honor and respect shows in our actions. Respect should spring from deep inside our heart and should flow naturally. It can never be commanded. There is always a bit of crossover between love and respect in a healthy relationship.

If one of the partner is feeling less respected or taken for granted, then it is time to rethink over certain aspects. If you think your partner is not giving you the love or respect you deserve, then perhaps it is time to move on, irrespective of what the other person may think or believe. In a nutshell, it is you, your partner and your relationship that matters. If you are happy together and enjoy each other’s company then there is nothing to worry about. Keep in mind that respect and honor are the pillars in any relationship.

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