Creating Effective Online Matrimonial Profiles

Creating Effective Online Matrimonial Profiles

Creating a matrimonial profile on the internet that is not only attractive but also unforgettable, shares some similarities with creating unforgettable advertisements, where you will have to:

  • Be noticeable in entire crowd of matrimonial profiles
  • Be attractive enough to develop interest in the first look so that there’s no chance that visitors move onto the next profile
  • Be able to develop enough curiosity so that they are intrigued to find out more about you
  • Be tempting enough for them to contact you.

Grab Attention:
Probably a photo would be good to make a start. It is the eye that always works faster than the brain so grab the attention of the eye and they are bound to actually stop and check out what’s written in your profile. Make sure that the picture you put up reveals your personality too. As an example, if you are an outdoor enthusiast, then it would make sense to have a picture of you standing in the woods or on a hiking or tramping trail. If you have a love for animals, then you could probably upload a picture of you cuddling your little dog. Without even saying much, you are bound to make the person interested in you, especially if he or she also shares the same interest. Such a picture has a lot more effective than even studio shots! One thing to be careful about here is to ensure that the pictures are not blurry. Avoid backgrounds with too much clutter as they draw more attention than your own picture.

Attract Interests:
In advertising, there is something known as the ‘unique selling proposition’, which implies that it has a unique value that makes it stand out from the competition. They focus on one aspect or feature instead of trying to be excellent at everything. This is exactly what you should do too. In your profile, put up only a few things that actually are very important to your likes, passions, hobbies, goals in life, etc. Maintain a tone that is upbeat and have a trustworthy friend to go through it as if you were a stranger to him.

Develop Curiosity:
Advertisements do not list down all the product advantages. Instead, they just give you enough to develop the curiosity to want to try them. The same goes for your matrimonial profile. Instead of telling them your whole life story, tell them only enough to intrigue them, to ‘tease’ them. Keep the stories for the time when you both get to know each other. So if you’re wondering how to make an intriguing profile, give only a part of a story or an anecdote, something like, ‘flight journeys are not the same to me anymore – find out why’. In fact this will also give them something to include in the first message to you.

Make them Want to Contact You Immediately:
You would’ve seen the sales pitch shouts as ‘Call NOW’. Well, if you want good proposals, then your profile needs to do the same thing. Make your profile data end with a sweet and friendly line that would increase the visitor’s confidence. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated, even the line could be something like “It would be great to hear from you!”. While you may wonder what a simple line like that could do, it actually does all the magic. It makes the person feel as if you are talking to them and waiting for his or her reply. Also, it makes everything look less intimidating.

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