Patience – A Great Virtue Would Go a Long Way In Relationship

Patience – A Great Virtue Would Go a Long Way In Relationship

It is true that no relationship is perfect, no matter how deeply the couple is in love. The best way to make sure that a relationship can bear all ups and downs and still come out stronger is to show a little patience. This wonderful virtue can bind together even the weakest strings of relationship and turn them into an unbreakable and strong bond of relationship.

In truth, patience is nothing more than giving oneself and the other person some time before one says or does something. You can try to recall how you felt when treated by someone who had no patience. You might have got deeply hurt or felt that anger swelling inside you. Just remember that your partner might feel the same if you do not show the same consideration and patience towards him or her.  Showing a little patience can go a long way in strengthening relationships and building a stronger bond.

Next time you feel like yelling or stomping your feet in anger and have no time or patience, just pause for a while. Keep in mind that loss of patience can only escalate the problems and weaken the relationships. If you are a very bad case of impatience, then you need to develop this important virtue slowly and consciously. Let time take its course and things will fall in place.

As Arnold H. Glasow quotes, “The key to everything is patience. You get a chicken by hatching an egg, not by smashing it”. It is a fact that there are some things in life, like relationships that need all the time and patience. If you lose patience, it means that you might not lose everything, but will definitely weaken your relationship bond with your partner and your loved ones.

It is true that it is not easy being patient and during these times it is all the more difficult, especially when everyone seems to be always in a hurry and have little time. We are sued to get results with just a few clicks. But the virtue can be cultivated with conscious effort.  You will be pleasantly surprised to find a new personality within you that is full of patience and completely relaxed. Patience ushers in a peace of mind that can definitely improve your relation with those around you and your quality of life.

So get into the habit of being polite and smiling more. Show a little more patience and a little more care and you will be surprised to see the results. You will not only feel loved and appreciated by all but you would also feel good. When we expect others to show patience with us, it is time for us to show the same patience towards others.

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