How Do You Know Whether You Are in Love?

How Do You Know Whether You Are in Love?

Love is that elusive emotion that every single person is looking for and never really sure where or how to find it. Love is the subject and inspiration of countless books, movies, songs etc. Thus, there is little wonder that most people are fascinated by that concept and want to experience that heavenly feeling at least once in their lives. However, because of the grandiosity and magnanimity that the feeling of love has acquired in our culture, people, whether single or in relationships, are often left wondering whether they’ve experienced it before. How can you know for sure whether what you feel is love? What if it’s not love and merely affection or fondness or simply a very warm friendship?

However, do not despair. Love is just around the corner for most of us and can envelop your heart when you least expect it. Like all other emotions, love is simple and straightforward. It might seem hard to get when you don’t have it, but when it happens to you, you’ll know you’ve found the right thing.  There are all kinds of couples in the world. There are the kind of couples that share interests and views and in general, agree with each other on everything and find comfort and satisfaction in that agreement. There are the couples that make the rest of the world wonder why they’re with each other, since they couldn’t be any more different from each other. This proves that love is an emotion and there are no rules or laws saying that you cannot be happy with the person you love. When love happens, be open-minded to accept it. You will find the happiness that you’re looking for.

“Made for each other” is simply a couple very much in love. You’ll find that when you’re in love, you will feel that your partner is the person just made for you and your partner will feel the same about you. As a couple, you will learn to appreciate, accept and support each other in a way that no third person can. You will come to feel secure and happy in the knowledge that your partner has made you as their number one priority. As you get to know each other, you will understand each other well. This makes you feel that the other person is indeed made for you. Hold on to that feeling when you find it. Love is easiest to find when you’re not looking for it.

Everyone can find love. It’s a simple emotion that is meant to be experienced by every human being. The best thing you can do to look for it is to be open-minded to all possibilities and remember that love comes in all shapes and sizes. It may occur unexpectedly at any point in your life and cannot be planned or premeditated. You should realize that your “made for each other” partner is out there and you would be pleasantly surprised when you find him or her.

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