Are you frustrated with your partner search?

Are you frustrated with your partner search?

Finding the perfect partner for a perfect relationship can be quite a challenge and unfortunately could be a frustrating experience as well.  It is hard to know the exact kind of person that will be suitable for you. Yes, you have some clues, you make decisions based on them and you may even find the choice suitable in the beginning, but as you get to know the partner better, you slowly begin to dislike him or her.

You might be excited in the beginning but you realize that with each passing day, your excitement and enthusiasm is being replaced with nothing but disappointment. You may start feeling that your partner is not enough groomed for you, or there must be some habits that annoy you. Slowly, you realize that there isn’t enough common between the two of you and you just feel totally lost in the relationship. There comes a time when you lose all hope.

This is the process that repeats each time you think you have found the right partner and you feel you need to start over again. In the search for the right person, you put in so much time and effort and despite all this, when you don’t get the desirable results, all you end up feeling is tired and frustrated. The enthusiasm rises with each time you see potential in a relationship, but with more meetings and experiences, it only wanes.

Try all you may, you don’t seem to be lucky enough to find the right partner. You may even consider just forgetting about finding a suitable partner and give up on successful relationships and instead, focus on other aspects of life like your studies or career. Actually, you are not alone in this situation. In fact, most people go through the whole cycle of enthusiasm to disappointment to frustration.

Can you altogether abandon hope to find the right partner for you? As humans, it is a basic need to have a companion to fulfill us. There is always a need for someone with whom we can share our lives. Loneliness is a horrible feeling.

So how can you handle such a situation? Well, if you are frustrated and it’s simply overwhelming you, just take a break for a few days to get over the frustration. Think about the things that are going wrong each time – whether it is your choices or it is your expectations themselves being fuzzy to you. Take some quality time to think about exactly what it is that you want in a suitable partner and how you could look for those qualities. Don’t let the failures of the past pull you down and drain your hope. Make a fresh start with a clean slate. When you find the right partner, it will all be worth your effort and time.

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