Bridges can make relationships, but walls can break them

Bridges can make relationships, but walls can break them

In a relationship, the best way to treat your partner is as a friend and building bridges between partners. If you behave with your spouse or partner as an enemy then you will build a wall around you and demarcate your territory. You may end up winning the war, but losing a lifelong partner to share your experiences. Think of every obstacle and bump in your relationship as a hurdle to be overcome. You both want to get on the other side of this hurdle and the only way to do that is to build a bridge. If you turn against one another, the obstacle will remain insurmountable and you’ll both end up losing the race.

Everyone makes similar mistakes in relationships, which can be surprisingly easy to correct them. Whenever you feel like hitting a wall in your relationship, consider a few critical things. Are you communicating with your partner? You may feel that your partner knows exactly what is annoying you. But when you discuss with your partner, you may be surprised of the outcome. Often, people fight with their partner over something very trivial. However, there’s always a reason for a misunderstandings and arguments. If you know it, discuss your partner in a friendly way. At the very least, you’ll know what you’re upset about and that will bring you one step closer to a resolution.

The next thing you want to consider is whether you did something that you need to apologize for. Saying sorry can be very hard in a relationship, but you need to remind yourself that you’re here to work through things and build a bridge together, not win the contest of who says sorry first. Rise above your ego and ask your partner to tell you what is upsetting them. Even if you started the fight, opening the door to two way communications can make things a lot simpler.

In this new age of technology, people to people conversation has diminished and it has become easy to hide behind the anonymous and unemotional sanctuary of texts, emails and voicemails. Resist the urge to use these means when you really need to communicate with your partner. Talking face to face gives you both visual cues and body language which can never be replaced by heartless text messages. When you use gadgets to communicate, you may run into the danger of being misunderstood, which can make or break a relationship.

Life may be fast-paced and you may not always have the time or energy to sit down and communicate with your partner. But spare some effort in building bridges and the returns would be enormous. Remember that long-term married couples and newly weds both run the risk of losing out on proper communication. It’s a skill and a good habit that you and your partner should cultivate actively until it becomes a matter of habit for both of you. You will understand each other better than you ever thought you could.

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