Tips for Finding Matches Online Safely

Tips for Finding Matches Online Safely

While there is no denying the fact that online matrimonial service has the potential to get you to know some awesome people, there is also reason to worry about safety. Following are some tips which you can follow to make sure you stay out of harms way and have an enjoyable, fun experience finding matches online.

  1. Safety begins with your matrimonial profile itself. While it is true that you need to include some personal information in your profile, never reveal your very personal details that make you uncomfortable. Also, do not communicate with anyone pressurizing you or tricking you into revealing anything that you don’t want to.
  2. Never reveal any of your contact details while communicating with people through the message system facilitated by the online dating sites. You are allowed to be anonymous and keep your personal details hidden till you can trust the opposite person enough to reveal anything. If you notice any odd behavior or receive unreasonable messages, block the person. He or she won’t be able to contact you any further.
  3. With a simple phone call, you can judge a lot about a person, such as his social and communication skills. Look out for any displays of intense frustration, anger or even attempts to control or pressurize you. You can be sure that any inappropriate behavior, disrespectful or demeaning comments are red flags. Watch out for profiles with inconsistent information regarding appearance, age, profession, marital status, refusal to talk on the phone despite establishing communication online, failure to answer your questions directly, or simply avoiding them, etc.
  4. If you are confident that you can take a step beyond phone calls and messages, then you can ask the person for a meeting. While doing so, make sure that you make arrangements to meet at a specific place instead of having him or her over at your place. It is not even recommended for the person to pick you up at your home.
  5. It is advisable to have a trusted family member or a friend accompany you in the first few meetings so that you don’t feel lonely or left out in case the person doesn’t happen to be as you had expected.
  6. If a member asks you to meet at a secluded or private spot, you know for sure that it’s a red flag. There are still many people who do this and end up in dangerous situations. So pick out a public place such as a park or a restaurant to be on the safer side.
  7. Never get into the car of the other person if you decide to go some place else. Either take your vehicle or simply use a bus or train. It may be a little inconvenient but it is better to be safe.
  8. Keep alcohol at bay in your first meeting and help yourself to food and drinks instead of having your partner do it for you. If you happen to visit the restroom while your drink wasn’t finished, avoid drinking it when you get back.
  9. Always carry a cell phone on your date in case you need help.
  10. Make sure that your relative or friend knows where you are meeting the person and when you are expected to be back and keep him or her informed about any delays so that if something unfortunate were to happen, at least there will be someone looking out for you.

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