Communication Tips for a Healthy Relationship

Communication Tips for a Healthy Relationship

As a human being, we are social in nature and we interact with each other every day. Friendships and close relationships are essential for our happiness and good emotional health. For any good relationships, having good communication skills are necessary. How we present ourselves and how we speak to others will have a direct impact on our relationship with them. Managing those myriad of relationships around us and nurturing them, is not an easy task. Developing good communication can without doubt leave a positive impact on us as well as those around us.

One of the first pre-requisite for developing good communication skills is to have patience and show the ability to listen. We need to care and show interest as well as genuine concern for the thoughts, feelings and concerns of others. Always give thought to what effect your words will have on the other. What you say and how you deliver those words has a direct impact on the other person

For instance, if your spouse comes home very late, instead of saying “You” are always coming home late, you can always say, “I” feel very lonely while you are away. Shifting the focus on your own self removes more than half the grudge in the conversation. Just imagine, if you had used those words the other way round. All it would have ended would be in a bitter conversation. This is a clear indication as to how the flow of conversation should be. Both parties can work better in a peaceful atmosphere and reach the best solutions. Use of the “I” messages is much more effective as the other person does not feel cornered. This only builds more faith and trust in the relation and reveals that the other person is willing to take responsibility for his or her feelings.

The “you” messages could be used but only to praise others and deliver positive feelings. Some good examples are “You” are looking good or I like the way “you” smile. These little changes and conscious implications can do just wonders in improving your communication as well as your relationship with your loved ones. In case your spouse is not able to handle their feelings and is in the habit of throwing “you” messages at you in a negative way, you can still improve the situation, by using “I” messages. For example you can say, “I” get very anxious when you speak to me in this manner.

Just understand the basics and importance of conversation to influence your relationships and build them positively. You should learn the use of the right words at the right time. Gradually you will see a whale of difference within you as well as the people around you. You will find them respecting you more and will also have a good feeling while having them around you. As they say, the foundation of a strong relationship lies in those words and how you use them. Improve your communication skills and experience better interactions and a greater harmony in relationships.

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