Respect for each other in a relationship!

What do you think is the most important thing in a relationship? Which factor, according to you, keeps the relationship long lasting? You may think that only love is required to maintain a relationship, but it is not the case. Besides love, you need respect in a relationship. Every human wants to be respected and cared for. Respect is nothing but giving value to the person for the way they are. If you can't respect a person, you can't live with that person; even if you love that person. You … [Read More...]

Are You Planning To Marry a Divorcee?

As it is, marriages are a big affair in India and every step is tread on cautiously. Therefore it is not a surprise to see second marriages ridden with complexities in our country. It is not an easy idea to marry a divorcee, but is it as tough as we think? According to leading Relationship Coaches, the basic building block of any marriage is trust. And if there is trust in the marriage, whether it is to a divorcee or not, there is no reason why the marriage cannot be successful. Often in … [Read More...]

Waiting For Cupid To Find Your Soul Mate? Try Our Online Indian Matrimonial Services

It is said that marriages are made in heaven and that there is a perfect better half for each one of us out there, somewhere. So are you waiting for cupid to come flying with his bow and arrow? Are you waiting to bump into that perfect special someone? Are you waiting to experience that moment when you hear bells ring in the head because you are completely taken by someone and mesmerized in their presence!!? Well, if you have been ‘waiting’, stop right here & give ‘us’ a chance to make all … [Read More...]

Communication Tips for a Healthy Relationship

As a human being, we are social in nature and we interact with each other every day. Friendships and close relationships are essential for our happiness and good emotional health. For any good relationships, having good communication skills are necessary. How we present ourselves and how we speak to others will have a direct impact on our relationship with them. Managing those myriad of relationships around us and nurturing them, is not an easy task. Developing good communication can without … [Read More...]

Balancing home and work after marriage

Time moves very fast and every move brings a new change. Now, those days are gone when a woman was only confined to the four walls of the home and her only job was to perform the daily chores of the family. In the modern times, she is not only managing the home successfully but also working outside to give financial support to the family. The women of current times are educated and never let their education go waste. They take the optimum use of their qualification by continuing to work even … [Read More...]

Tips For Healthy Relationships

While you seek for the key to an everlasting successful relationship, you will be surprised to know that sometimes even the simplest of things that we generally tend to forget or overlook actually serve as the foundation for a happy and healthy relationship. Following are some tips that could be helpful if you want to make your relationship go a long way: You need to spend quality time with each other as it is a must for any relationship to flourish. Make sure to dedicate a minimum of … [Read More...]