Tips on arranging a candle light dinner for your partner

Are you a romantic person who keeps searching for new ideas to delight your partner? If you’re not, then you must work on inducing the element of romance in your married life because that’s what keeps a relationship alive. It develops trust and strengthens your relationship. In fact, relationship without romance is like food without salt. One of the best romantic things is to have a candle light dinner with your partner. Candles make you feel cozy and brings alive the romantic person in you. … [Read More...]

Dating After Engagement

You are finally engaged to the person you want and still have some time before you can tie the knot. Now you will meet each other and have some memorable moments that you can fondly look back at when you get married. So, are you expected to behave differently once you are engaged or need to maintain the same formal distance as before? The courtship period in an arranged marriage generally lasts for a coupled of months before marriage. This is the best time to get to know each other more … [Read More...]

Inter-caste Marriages in India

Inter-caste marriages in India has always been a hot debatable topic, that simply refuses to back down, even after so many years and permeation of our so called modern values. There are so many different ideologies and emotional aspects regarding the sacred tie between two people from different castes. A rigid caste system has always been an integral part of the Indian society since times immemorial. Although its roots are beginning to get shaken up in the modern cities, the unfair and … [Read More...]

Is International Marriage Easy?

Thanks to the permeation of web and a globalized world, it is common for people to meet people from different cultural backgrounds. Therefore, it should raise no eyebrows to find Indian men and women dating people from other countries with a different nationality and cultural backgrounds. International marriages are not something rare but are not always as easy as it seems. What makes them happen is the ubiquitous essential ingredient for any marriage and that is love, but the couple may need to … [Read More...]

Right Age For Marriage In India

What is the right age for marriage in India?  Needless to say, here too, the gender intervenes and puts its foot strongly, making different rules for the boy and the girl. Although times and priorities are changing, most parents get worried if their son reaches 30 and the daughter crosses 28. Survey has found that majority of the Indian youth feels that one should not be too late and early thirties is the right time to get married and start a family. The new generation is certainly more … [Read More...]

Bride And Groom Preparation For The Wedding

Bride Every bride wants to look the most beautiful on her special day. She will be surrounded by her family and friends and be a cynosure of all eyes. Yes, she knows that she has to follow rigorous beauty routine and follow the right diet and exercise so that she looks perfect for the man in her life. But there is a lot more to the wedding day than just looking beautiful in that special sari or a wedding dress. Apart from visiting beauty parlors and shopping for wedding clothes and jewelry, … [Read More...]