Loving and Living In the Fast Lane

Life is fast and modern times leave us no time for relationships. Then how does one find time for his or her love life? After all, all love needs is time to grow and blossom. You need to spend time with your loved one to let the relationship become stronger. How to find the time in such a hectic and busy schedule? There are endless daily chores, work, other responsibilities, bills to pay and shopping to do. And even if you find some time in-between, you may find your timetable colluding. Well, … [Read More...]

Balancing home and work after marriage

Time moves very fast and every move brings a new change. Now, those days are gone when a woman was only confined to the four walls of the home and her only job was to perform the daily chores of the family. In the modern times, she is not only managing the home successfully but also working outside to give financial support to the family. The women of current times are educated and never let their education go waste. They take the optimum use of their qualification by continuing to work even … [Read More...]

Inter-caste Marriages in India

Inter-caste marriages in India has always been a hot debatable topic, that simply refuses to back down, even after so many years and permeation of our so called modern values. There are so many different ideologies and emotional aspects regarding the sacred tie between two people from different castes. A rigid caste system has always been an integral part of the Indian society since times immemorial. Although its roots are beginning to get shaken up in the modern cities, the unfair and … [Read More...]

Keeping healthy relations with sister-in-law

It is said that, When a girl gets married, she does not only set a lifelong bond with her husband but also makes friendly relationships with the other members of the in-laws family . This means, she gets the beautiful relationship of brother, sister, mother and father. So she has to take utmost care of all the relationships that are established after wedding. One of the significant relationships is, relation with sister-in-law. The bride has to show utter prudence in building a healthy … [Read More...]

Modern Indian Woman And Arranged Marriage

The threshold for any Indian woman to get married lies at 30 years, and once she has crossed that, the mystical ball of eternal happiness that lies only in marriage seems to elude farther from her. It is at this time that her parents start getting frantic and will do everything possible in their best to get her married off. And they have only one savior by their side and that is an online portal of arranged marriage. After all, all these years, they have been hoping of some handsome and capable … [Read More...]

Why is simple holding of hands so significant in a marriage?

Do you remember the moment when you held each other's hand for the first time? A chill must have run up the spine, isn't it? As a young couple, holding each other's hand was so enthralling. What happens to the playful act of holding hands as the relationship matures? Do you also feel that you hardly hold your partner's hand in private or public? But there is hardly any reason for those moments fizzling out of the marriage. Many couples complain that once their love got caught up in the … [Read More...]