Modern Indian Woman And Arranged Marriage

The threshold for any Indian woman to get married lies at 30 years, and once she has crossed that, the mystical ball of eternal happiness that lies only in marriage seems to elude farther from her. It is at this time that her parents start getting frantic and will do everything possible in their best to get her married off. And they have only one savior by their side and that is an online portal of arranged marriage. After all, all these years, they have been hoping of some handsome and capable … [Read More...]

Is it Advisable to Have a Prenuptial Agreement?

Marriage is an eternal bond and it should be nurtured with heart and soul. However, unfortunately, things go wrong and sometimes it comes to a point where it can become difficult to live with each other. If such a thing happens to you, a prenuptial or premarital agreement can be a great savior giving both the partners a peace of mind. However, it is up to you to make the decision whether this works for your specific situation or not. Obviously, you will have assets like savings, retirement, … [Read More...]

Some Creative Gifting Ideas For Your Beloved!

For every special day, there are certain gifts. The market is flooded up with many precious gifts and if you want to get your beloved the most expensive gift then you definitely need to check your account balance! But you must first think whether your partner is really fond of the expensive gifts or seeks your time and attention more? You’ll realize that the best way to make your beloved happy is by getting him/her a creative gift which you have prepared yourself. As life keeps on moving, you … [Read More...]

Patience – A Great Virtue Would Go a Long Way In Relationship

It is true that no relationship is perfect, no matter how deeply the couple is in love. The best way to make sure that a relationship can bear all ups and downs and still come out stronger is to show a little patience. This wonderful virtue can bind together even the weakest strings of relationship and turn them into an unbreakable and strong bond of relationship. In truth, patience is nothing more than giving oneself and the other person some time before one says or does something. You can try … [Read More...]

Is your partner the right person for you?

Everybody wants to settle down at some point. We want to marry and have children. But it is very important to choose the right person before marrying. Many of us have boyfriends or girlfriends who love us and care for us. But, how do we get to know that our partners can be our right partners or not? Characters to look for in boyfriends: Responsible and stable: Whenever you start with a new life, you need money. Money is needed for buying house, marriage expenses, living expenses and many … [Read More...]

How to avoid conflicts with your mother-in-law?

Marriage is a beautiful relationship, but as the saying goes, no road is bump - free, so is the road of marriage. A newly wed girl may face issues with her mother-in-law, which often acts as a reason of conflicts. You may face a plethora of awkward moments with your mother-in-law. At times she might appear to be a little bossy or snoopy. But when you try to circumvent the fights with your mother-in-law, you would also provide basis for forging a friendship. Here are some of the guidelines that … [Read More...]