Is your partner the right person for you?

Everybody wants to settle down at some point. We want to marry and have children. But it is very important to choose the right person before marrying. Many of us have boyfriends or girlfriends who love us and care for us. But, how do we get to know that our partners can be our right partners or not? Characters to look for in boyfriends: Responsible and stable: Whenever you start with a new life, you need money. Money is needed for buying house, marriage expenses, living expenses and many … [Read More...]

Arranged Marriages – The Rules Behind

Arranged marriages are still in fashion in most parts of the world, such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and some other parts of the world such as Middle East, and Southeast Asia. The match is selected by a matchmaking agent, parents or a trusted third party. Today, there is another venue where these kinds of marriages get fixed and those are matrimonial sites. The son or daughter is introduced to a potential spouse and after that, it is up to the children to take the relationship forward if they … [Read More...]

Is it Advisable to Have a Prenuptial Agreement?

Marriage is an eternal bond and it should be nurtured with heart and soul. However, unfortunately, things go wrong and sometimes it comes to a point where it can become difficult to live with each other. If such a thing happens to you, a prenuptial or premarital agreement can be a great savior giving both the partners a peace of mind. However, it is up to you to make the decision whether this works for your specific situation or not. Obviously, you will have assets like savings, retirement, … [Read More...]

Marriage And Counseling

According to experts, we all have different mindsets and naturally will have our own views about marriage. When there are minor issues between partners, you should try to allocate time for each other to discuss and to resolve. When the minor issues are not addressed for a long time, the issues might elevate to a higher level. Some marriages fall apart sooner and often leave people wondering as to what went wrong. Divorce is no longer a feared word among couples. Most counselling experts and … [Read More...]

Is Online Matrimonial a Western Culture?

One of the major differences between western culture and our Indian culture is that in India, any relationship, offline or online, is expected to culminate in marriage. Although online dating is established in India and the business models are almost similar behind those online dating sites, the purpose is not. While western dating sites are more oriented towards getting the right date, Indian dating sites are oriented towards finding the right marriage partner. Often at Indian sites, profiles … [Read More...]

Waiting For Cupid To Find Your Soul Mate? Try Our Online Indian Matrimonial Services

It is said that marriages are made in heaven and that there is a perfect better half for each one of us out there, somewhere. So are you waiting for cupid to come flying with his bow and arrow? Are you waiting to bump into that perfect special someone? Are you waiting to experience that moment when you hear bells ring in the head because you are completely taken by someone and mesmerized in their presence!!? Well, if you have been ‘waiting’, stop right here & give ‘us’ a chance to make all … [Read More...]