Communication Tips for a Healthy Relationship

As a human being, we are social in nature and we interact with each other every day. Friendships and close relationships are essential for our happiness and good emotional health. For any good relationships, having good communication skills are necessary. How we present ourselves and how we speak to others will have a direct impact on our relationship with them. Managing those myriad of relationships around us and nurturing them, is not an easy task. Developing good communication can without … [Read More...]

Marriage And Counseling

According to experts, we all have different mindsets and naturally will have our own views about marriage. When there are minor issues between partners, you should try to allocate time for each other to discuss and to resolve. When the minor issues are not addressed for a long time, the issues might elevate to a higher level. Some marriages fall apart sooner and often leave people wondering as to what went wrong. Divorce is no longer a feared word among couples. Most counselling experts and … [Read More...]

Save Your Marriage Before It Is Too Late

For some couples, trouble starts brewing in the paradise sooner than they had expected and those minor cracks in their relationships are already visible. Surprisingly, when they got married, they believed themselves to be mature and responsible adults. But now, they want their spouse to change first and adjust. Well it won’t take one to make a relationship better. Just like marriage, it takes two people to couple up and both of them will have to make equal efforts to do the needful and save … [Read More...]

Are You Ready For Marriage?

Before you tie the knot, you need to ask yourself some important questions and try to get some sincere answers to know whether you are ready for the marriage or not. Whether it is love marriage or an arranged marriage, once you get married, your lifestyle is going to change in a considerable way. You may be marrying the love of your life but it is not going to be a romantic day every day. Therefore it is very important to sit alone and ask yourself whether you are ready for marriage. It feels … [Read More...]

Tips For Healthy Relationships

While you seek for the key to an everlasting successful relationship, you will be surprised to know that sometimes even the simplest of things that we generally tend to forget or overlook actually serve as the foundation for a happy and healthy relationship. Following are some tips that could be helpful if you want to make your relationship go a long way: You need to spend quality time with each other as it is a must for any relationship to flourish. Make sure to dedicate a minimum of … [Read More...]

Show Your Partner that You Love Them

You love your partner, but, have you ever paused and wondered if you are expressing your feelings enough. He or she may be well aware of your true feelings for them but everybody needs love and appreciation at times. They need to be told vocally and shown visibly that they are loved, wanted and respected in the family. Otherwise these feelings of appreciation just get lost in the humdrum of daily life. Bring a fresh air in your relationship and be more expressive about your feelings for your … [Read More...]