Bridges can make relationships, but walls can break them

In a relationship, the best way to treat your partner is as a friend and building bridges between partners. If you behave with your spouse or partner as an enemy then you will build a wall around you and demarcate your territory. You may end up winning the war, but losing a lifelong partner to share your experiences. Think of every obstacle and bump in your relationship as a hurdle to be overcome. You both want to get on the other side of this hurdle and the only way to do that is to build a … [Read More...]

Creating Effective Online Matrimonial Profiles

Creating a matrimonial profile on the internet that is not only attractive but also unforgettable, shares some similarities with creating unforgettable advertisements, where you will have to: Be noticeable in entire crowd of matrimonial profiles Be attractive enough to develop interest in the first look so that there’s no chance that visitors move onto the next profile Be able to develop enough curiosity so that they are intrigued to find out more about you Be tempting enough for … [Read More...]

Why Having a Photo is a Good Idea for Your Matrimonial Profile?

One of the major questions that keep popping up in the matrimonial service world on the internet is about photos. A number of surveys conducted by many websites reveal that including your picture in your profile gives you a ten times higher chance of getting contacted, irrespective of your looks. Despite that, it is unfortunate how people prefer not to include photos in their profiles. Yes, many reasons account for this. Insecurity is the major culprit. People are afraid that their picture will … [Read More...]

Helpful Tips to Earn Your Partner’s Respect

There is no denying the fact that respect serves as one of the fundamental values for mankind. It is an attitude of esteem or admiration for a person, which is usually evoked by his or her achievements. While everyone is deserving of respect and everyone wants to be respected, unfortunately, not everyone gets it. To receive a respectful attitude from someone, it is important to understand that you treat them with respect. The respect totally changes how we look and feel about others and … [Read More...]

Tips for Finding Matches Online Safely

While there is no denying the fact that online matrimonial service has the potential to get you to know some awesome people, there is also reason to worry about safety. Following are some tips which you can follow to make sure you stay out of harms way and have an enjoyable, fun experience finding matches online. Safety begins with your matrimonial profile itself. While it is true that you need to include some personal information in your profile, never reveal your very personal details … [Read More...]

Bride And Groom Preparation For The Wedding

Bride Every bride wants to look the most beautiful on her special day. She will be surrounded by her family and friends and be a cynosure of all eyes. Yes, she knows that she has to follow rigorous beauty routine and follow the right diet and exercise so that she looks perfect for the man in her life. But there is a lot more to the wedding day than just looking beautiful in that special sari or a wedding dress. Apart from visiting beauty parlors and shopping for wedding clothes and jewelry, … [Read More...]