Respect for each other in a relationship!

What do you think is the most important thing in a relationship? Which factor, according to you, keeps the relationship long lasting? You may think that only love is required to maintain a relationship, but it is not the case. Besides love, you need respect in a relationship. Every human wants to be respected and cared for. Respect is nothing but giving value to the person for the way they are. If you can't respect a person, you can't live with that person; even if you love that person. You … [Read More...]

In-laws, The New Best Friends

Wouldn't be easier, after marriage in-laws become immediate friends. You would wish, there was coaching on how to handle new relationships and responsibilities. The two families coming together for the first time would have two different lifestyles,  with different expectations and different culture and/or habits. So the new relationship shall have some ups and downs. You may be inclined to notice the issues with in-laws immediately and not able to ignore even the small issues. In fact you may … [Read More...]

Why Having a Photo is a Good Idea for Your Matrimonial Profile?

One of the major questions that keep popping up in the matrimonial service world on the internet is about photos. A number of surveys conducted by many websites reveal that including your picture in your profile gives you a ten times higher chance of getting contacted, irrespective of your looks. Despite that, it is unfortunate how people prefer not to include photos in their profiles. Yes, many reasons account for this. Insecurity is the major culprit. People are afraid that their picture will … [Read More...]

Is it Advisable to Have a Prenuptial Agreement?

Marriage is an eternal bond and it should be nurtured with heart and soul. However, unfortunately, things go wrong and sometimes it comes to a point where it can become difficult to live with each other. If such a thing happens to you, a prenuptial or premarital agreement can be a great savior giving both the partners a peace of mind. However, it is up to you to make the decision whether this works for your specific situation or not. Obviously, you will have assets like savings, retirement, … [Read More...]

Tips on arranging a candle light dinner for your partner

Are you a romantic person who keeps searching for new ideas to delight your partner? If you’re not, then you must work on inducing the element of romance in your married life because that’s what keeps a relationship alive. It develops trust and strengthens your relationship. In fact, relationship without romance is like food without salt. One of the best romantic things is to have a candle light dinner with your partner. Candles make you feel cozy and brings alive the romantic person in you. … [Read More...]

Is your partner the right person for you?

Everybody wants to settle down at some point. We want to marry and have children. But it is very important to choose the right person before marrying. Many of us have boyfriends or girlfriends who love us and care for us. But, how do we get to know that our partners can be our right partners or not? Characters to look for in boyfriends: Responsible and stable: Whenever you start with a new life, you need money. Money is needed for buying house, marriage expenses, living expenses and many … [Read More...]