Some Creative Gifting Ideas For Your Beloved!

For every special day, there are certain gifts. The market is flooded up with many precious gifts and if you want to get your beloved the most expensive gift then you definitely need to check your account balance! But you must first think whether your partner is really fond of the expensive gifts or seeks your time and attention more? You’ll realize that the best way to make your beloved happy is by getting him/her a creative gift which you have prepared yourself. As life keeps on moving, you … [Read More...]

Indian Matrimonial Relationship – Respect And Honor

Since time immemorial, honor and respect have been two very important part of our Indian culture. Men have been known to respect and care for the women while women treat their men with respect and look after them. There is no doubt that the Indian culture has had it share of influence from the west, but still some values are deep in our culture and cannot be overlooked. When you search for a potential partner, keep in mind that respect and honor should be a part of every relationship. Every … [Read More...]

Dating After Engagement

You are finally engaged to the person you want and still have some time before you can tie the knot. Now you will meet each other and have some memorable moments that you can fondly look back at when you get married. So, are you expected to behave differently once you are engaged or need to maintain the same formal distance as before? The courtship period in an arranged marriage generally lasts for a coupled of months before marriage. This is the best time to get to know each other more … [Read More...]

Save Your Marriage Before It Is Too Late

For some couples, trouble starts brewing in the paradise sooner than they had expected and those minor cracks in their relationships are already visible. Surprisingly, when they got married, they believed themselves to be mature and responsible adults. But now, they want their spouse to change first and adjust. Well it won’t take one to make a relationship better. Just like marriage, it takes two people to couple up and both of them will have to make equal efforts to do the needful and save … [Read More...]

Waiting For Cupid To Find Your Soul Mate? Try Our Online Indian Matrimonial Services

It is said that marriages are made in heaven and that there is a perfect better half for each one of us out there, somewhere. So are you waiting for cupid to come flying with his bow and arrow? Are you waiting to bump into that perfect special someone? Are you waiting to experience that moment when you hear bells ring in the head because you are completely taken by someone and mesmerized in their presence!!? Well, if you have been ‘waiting’, stop right here & give ‘us’ a chance to make all … [Read More...]

Mutual Understanding and Resolving Issues Are Very Important to Save Marriages!

Marriages are known as the beginning of a relationship with a new approach where both the persons are required to adhere to their responsibilities. When people want to take their relationship to the next level, they propose marriage to a potential partner. The success of the marriage depends on their mutual understanding and how much they have explored every aspect of their relation. Some are successful and some are not, which then leads to the divorces which are also known as the end of … [Read More...]