Are You Ready For Marriage?

Before you tie the knot, you need to ask yourself some important questions and try to get some sincere answers to know whether you are ready for the marriage or not. Whether it is love marriage or an arranged marriage, once you get married, your lifestyle is going to change in a considerable way. You may be marrying the love of your life but it is not going to be a romantic day every day. Therefore it is very important to sit alone and ask yourself whether you are ready for marriage. It feels … [Read More...]

In-laws, The New Best Friends

Wouldn't be easier, after marriage in-laws become immediate friends. You would wish, there was coaching on how to handle new relationships and responsibilities. The two families coming together for the first time would have two different lifestyles,  with different expectations and different culture and/or habits. So the new relationship shall have some ups and downs. You may be inclined to notice the issues with in-laws immediately and not able to ignore even the small issues. In fact you may … [Read More...]

Mutual Understanding and Resolving Issues Are Very Important to Save Marriages!

Marriages are known as the beginning of a relationship with a new approach where both the persons are required to adhere to their responsibilities. When people want to take their relationship to the next level, they propose marriage to a potential partner. The success of the marriage depends on their mutual understanding and how much they have explored every aspect of their relation. Some are successful and some are not, which then leads to the divorces which are also known as the end of … [Read More...]

Patience – A Great Virtue Would Go a Long Way In Relationship

It is true that no relationship is perfect, no matter how deeply the couple is in love. The best way to make sure that a relationship can bear all ups and downs and still come out stronger is to show a little patience. This wonderful virtue can bind together even the weakest strings of relationship and turn them into an unbreakable and strong bond of relationship. In truth, patience is nothing more than giving oneself and the other person some time before one says or does something. You can try … [Read More...]

Keeping your Long distance relationships alive

Most people today are afraid of the long distance relationships. They consider breaking up with their partners instead of managing a long distance relation. You should understand that distance should not matter in any relation, but feelings should matter. There are many ways by which you can keep your long distance relation alive; some of which could be: Even if you cannot meet, you can always talk on phone. Nowadays, there are other ways of talking like skype, google chat, yahoo … [Read More...]

Are You Prepared to Meet Your Potential Partner?

Meeting with a potential partner can be nerve wracking and exciting at the same time. The person you’re about to meet could be the person you choose to spend the rest of your life with. You and your families may click instantly or you may realize that they are not the Mr. or Ms. Right for you. It might be the first time that you are really testing your potential match with a person. If you already like the person based on the information you have, there is the added pressure on you that the … [Read More...]