Respect for each other in a relationship!

What do you think is the most important thing in a relationship? Which factor, according to you, keeps the relationship long lasting? You may think that only love is required to maintain a relationship, but it is not the case. Besides love, you need respect in a relationship. Every human wants to be respected and cared for. Respect is nothing but giving value to the person for the way they are. If you can't respect a person, you can't live with that person; even if you love that person. You … [Read More...]

What if my husband has to go to a far off land for work just after marriage?

As we all know that Marriage unites two people in the unbreakable bond of the joys and sorrows of life. They are destined together to take any challenge boldly. But there are times when life takes your test and you get into the dilemma of choosing one out of the two. For instance, sometimes, just after the marriage, the husband has to leave his wife alone at home as the time demands of him to go and work in the foreign land in order to earn his livelihood. Then, a crucial time for the couple … [Read More...]

In-laws, The New Best Friends

Wouldn't be easier, after marriage in-laws become immediate friends. You would wish, there was coaching on how to handle new relationships and responsibilities. The two families coming together for the first time would have two different lifestyles,  with different expectations and different culture and/or habits. So the new relationship shall have some ups and downs. You may be inclined to notice the issues with in-laws immediately and not able to ignore even the small issues. In fact you may … [Read More...]

Inter-caste Marriages in India

Inter-caste marriages in India has always been a hot debatable topic, that simply refuses to back down, even after so many years and permeation of our so called modern values. There are so many different ideologies and emotional aspects regarding the sacred tie between two people from different castes. A rigid caste system has always been an integral part of the Indian society since times immemorial. Although its roots are beginning to get shaken up in the modern cities, the unfair and … [Read More...]

Balancing home and work after marriage

Time moves very fast and every move brings a new change. Now, those days are gone when a woman was only confined to the four walls of the home and her only job was to perform the daily chores of the family. In the modern times, she is not only managing the home successfully but also working outside to give financial support to the family. The women of current times are educated and never let their education go waste. They take the optimum use of their qualification by continuing to work even … [Read More...]

Dating After Engagement

You are finally engaged to the person you want and still have some time before you can tie the knot. Now you will meet each other and have some memorable moments that you can fondly look back at when you get married. So, are you expected to behave differently once you are engaged or need to maintain the same formal distance as before? The courtship period in an arranged marriage generally lasts for a coupled of months before marriage. This is the best time to get to know each other more … [Read More...]