Love and arranged marriage

There are some set rules for arranged marriages in India. Your parents look for the prospective boy or girl for you; meet each other once or twice, and then end up tying the sacred knot. As the rules go, you have to find love in the marriage and live happily ever after. A recent study found that about half of the Indian-Americans living in the U.S had arranged marriages. They were either fixed by professional matchmakers or relatives. Were they able to find love? A study was made to compare the … [Read More...]

Marriage And Counseling

According to experts, we all have different mindsets and naturally will have our own views about marriage. When there are minor issues between partners, you should try to allocate time for each other to discuss and to resolve. When the minor issues are not addressed for a long time, the issues might elevate to a higher level. Some marriages fall apart sooner and often leave people wondering as to what went wrong. Divorce is no longer a feared word among couples. Most counselling experts and … [Read More...]

Tips on arranging a candle light dinner for your partner

Are you a romantic person who keeps searching for new ideas to delight your partner? If you’re not, then you must work on inducing the element of romance in your married life because that’s what keeps a relationship alive. It develops trust and strengthens your relationship. In fact, relationship without romance is like food without salt. One of the best romantic things is to have a candle light dinner with your partner. Candles make you feel cozy and brings alive the romantic person in you. … [Read More...]

Some Creative Gifting Ideas For Your Beloved!

For every special day, there are certain gifts. The market is flooded up with many precious gifts and if you want to get your beloved the most expensive gift then you definitely need to check your account balance! But you must first think whether your partner is really fond of the expensive gifts or seeks your time and attention more? You’ll realize that the best way to make your beloved happy is by getting him/her a creative gift which you have prepared yourself. As life keeps on moving, you … [Read More...]

Why Having a Photo is a Good Idea for Your Matrimonial Profile?

One of the major questions that keep popping up in the matrimonial service world on the internet is about photos. A number of surveys conducted by many websites reveal that including your picture in your profile gives you a ten times higher chance of getting contacted, irrespective of your looks. Despite that, it is unfortunate how people prefer not to include photos in their profiles. Yes, many reasons account for this. Insecurity is the major culprit. People are afraid that their picture will … [Read More...]

Communication Tips for a Healthy Relationship

As a human being, we are social in nature and we interact with each other every day. Friendships and close relationships are essential for our happiness and good emotional health. For any good relationships, having good communication skills are necessary. How we present ourselves and how we speak to others will have a direct impact on our relationship with them. Managing those myriad of relationships around us and nurturing them, is not an easy task. Developing good communication can without … [Read More...]