Respect for each other in a relationship!

What do you think is the most important thing in a relationship? Which factor, according to you, keeps the relationship long lasting? You may think that only love is required to maintain a relationship, but it is not the case. Besides love, you need respect in a relationship. Every human wants to be respected and cared for. Respect is nothing but giving value to the person for the way they are. If you can't respect a person, you can't live with that person; even if you love that person. You … [Read More...]

Show Your Partner that You Love Them

You love your partner, but, have you ever paused and wondered if you are expressing your feelings enough. He or she may be well aware of your true feelings for them but everybody needs love and appreciation at times. They need to be told vocally and shown visibly that they are loved, wanted and respected in the family. Otherwise these feelings of appreciation just get lost in the humdrum of daily life. Bring a fresh air in your relationship and be more expressive about your feelings for your … [Read More...]

How to handle a situation if my husband always favor his mother?

Marriage is not just about two people committing and living together. But, it includes the families also; specially the groom's family. Out of all the relations, the relation between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is the most bittersweet. There must have been situations when your husband favors his mother; and you would have felt bad. There is no need to worry in such situations. Following would help you in dealing with such situations: Think your husband's point of view Whenever there is … [Read More...]

Modern Indian Woman And Arranged Marriage

The threshold for any Indian woman to get married lies at 30 years, and once she has crossed that, the mystical ball of eternal happiness that lies only in marriage seems to elude farther from her. It is at this time that her parents start getting frantic and will do everything possible in their best to get her married off. And they have only one savior by their side and that is an online portal of arranged marriage. After all, all these years, they have been hoping of some handsome and capable … [Read More...]

Selecting the right outfit of your wedding!

The wedding is absolutely ‘The D-day‘ in every couple’s life. Of course, the bride remains the center of attraction on this day. So, she would want to look beautiful, elegant and confident, just like a Princess. Her wedding dress ought to be perfect. There are many things to be kept in mind for choosing the right outfit on your wedding day such as: To begin, if you have fair skin tone then you can opt for any color of dress but if you are wheatish or dark then try to avoid the colors … [Read More...]

Bridges can make relationships, but walls can break them

In a relationship, the best way to treat your partner is as a friend and building bridges between partners. If you behave with your spouse or partner as an enemy then you will build a wall around you and demarcate your territory. You may end up winning the war, but losing a lifelong partner to share your experiences. Think of every obstacle and bump in your relationship as a hurdle to be overcome. You both want to get on the other side of this hurdle and the only way to do that is to build a … [Read More...]