Indian Matrimonial Relationship – Respect And Honor

Since time immemorial, honor and respect have been two very important part of our Indian culture. Men have been known to respect and care for the women while women treat their men with … [Read More...]

Is Online Matrimonial a Western Culture?

One of the major differences between western culture and our Indian culture is that in India, any relationship, offline or online, is expected to culminate in marriage. Although online dating is established in India and the business models are almost similar behind those online dating sites, the purpose is not. While western dating sites are more oriented towards getting the right date, Indian dating sites are oriented towards finding the right marriage partner. Often at Indian sites, profiles … [Read More...]

Tips for Finding Matches Online Safely

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Show Your Partner that You Love Them

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Save Your Marriage Before It Is Too Late

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What if my husband has to go to a far off land for work just after marriage?

As we all know that Marriage unites two people in the unbreakable bond of the joys and sorrows of life. They are destined together to take any challenge boldly. But there are times when life … [Read More...]